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Immersive gaming for Playstation

Darkness Preview

I assisted Punchdrunk in their immersive gaming experience ‘And Darkness Descended‘. Set in the arches under Waterloo Station we built a half-hour long theatrical adrenalin rush for the launch of new Playstation game Resistance 3. I was dressing spaces and producing paper props for the post-apocolyptic (and truly terrifying) set.

We’re sent into a corridor of pitch-blackness and the door slams shut behind us. Within is a world painted in shadow, but the finer details still impress. As our dim torchlight dances in the blackness, we see scattered newspapers, detailing the fall of man at the hand of alien invaders. As a lifelong gamer, I am virtually trained in exploring every nook and cranny, harvesting detail and information. I’m not disappointed. Ruffling through a wastepaper basket, I find a printed distress call. It doesn’t mean anything to our task at hand, but it’s there as part of a fuller picture.  Tom Hoggins, The Telegaraph

And Darkness Descends 02

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