Playful prints and personalised gifts for kids and colour-loving grown ups. Alphablots was a side project that has grown into a  business for me.

Combining my love of letterforms with a desire to bring some fun and colour to the formal constraints of typography,  the project began as an excuse to get back into the screenprinting studio. The illustrative letters were designed using a restricted cyan, magenta and yellow colour palette, relying on overprints and halftones within the screenprinting process to get the final effect.

I started off designing an A for my newly born goddaughter, and never looked back. I now have a full alphabet, plus a range of cards, gift wrap and typographic gifts and they are all available to buy from the alphablots site.

I also designed and built the website – the perks of being a graphic designer. One day I might even invoice myself for the job.


Skills: Icons & illustration